Kev McVeigh is starting a new column over at the SF Gateway Blog

One which means to focus on marginalised authors.

One more thing about SFF in the 21st century is that it is, and arguably always was, a global phenomenon. Just as we need to keep talking about women in SFF, so too we need to keep talking about LGBT and other Queer writers and characters, about people of colour in SFF, and about non-Anglo, European and colonial settings. From The Attic is only one venue for this, and hopefully not a voice in the wilderness.

I do hope McVeigh and Gollancz/the SF Gateway Blog will make it easier to tell

– the author of the post
– the fact that it’s part of series, and
– where the rest of the series may be found

going forward, though. The SF Gateway Blog’s tag archives are a thing of utter hideousness to navigate.