Women Unsuited To Writing Fiction For Adults, Struggle, Says Author Rod Rees.

Women Unsuited To Writing Fiction For Adults, Struggle, Says Author Rod Rees.

Tuesday June 26, 2013

Rod Rees, author of the infamous Demi-Monde series (where untethered breasts jiggle across an alternate reality landscape, and the cult of nuJus worship the Book of Profits in the face of Vampire Fascism), today made a stunning attempt to rebut criticism of his ability to write, and especially to write female characters. Living with women, Rees claims, gives him special knowledge of the female mind. “What I discovered is that like all quasi-religions, Feminism has its zealots: so much so that I found it damned difficult to make [my alternate reality “feminism”] more extreme than the world envisaged by the out-there radical-feminists,” says Rees.

He went on to say: “I thought I was pretty clued up on feminism… It seems to be a fixture at the SF conventions I’ve attended to have a panel discussion debating why there are so few women writing in the adult SF and fantasy genres… Once female writers venture into the more visceral world of adult fiction they find this stereotype [Ed – of women who don’t exist purely for the male gaze and male consumption] doesn’t work and hence struggle. Just a thought.”

Rees’ UK publisher and host for this rebuttal, Jo Fletcher Books, could not be reached for comment at this time.

Author and critic Foz Meadows responds to Rees’ “utter gobsmacking cluelessness.”

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