Starships! Were meant to fly!

I was going to do a linkspam, but, you know, the sun is shining, I’m packing, my life is falling apart slightly less today than it was yesterday, and all the links can wait.

But you all NEED to SEE THIS.

It made me remember why I fell in love with science fiction in the first place. And oh, did I ever fall in love with science fiction. SPAAAACE! BOOM! Ships and stars and weirder wonders, and the great hope that we might still be human, and humane, and ourselves, against all that endless dark.

Oh bright rain, brave clouds, oh stars,
oh stars.

Two thousand four hundred fires
and uncharted, unstudied,
the hours, the hours, the hours.

(Video via Aoife O’Riordan at Consider The Tea Cosy, an admirable Irish feminist.)