SHADOWBOXER by Tricia Sullivan: not a review

It’s a truism that not every book is for every reader. Shadowboxer is Tricia Sullivan’s latest novel and first foray into YA, out now from Solaris Books’ Rebellion imprint. And it’s not a book for me.

I may not have given it a fair enough shake. I kept picking it up, reading the first chapter, and wandering off. Eventually I managed to read to the end of the second chapter. But while it’s technically quite good, the protagonist and the voice aren’t anything I find encouraging to read: it turns out I have a very limited tolerance for cocky angry-violent protagonists with little apparent grasp of consequences.

I thought this was just the case with male protagonists, but nope. Turns out it’s true for female ones too. They just have to come across a touch cockier and angrier.

So this could be a good book, or not, but since I’m not being paid to finish it, I’m moving on.