Review copies: McKinley and Saintcrow

These arrived Friday. I've been rather distracted in the interim...

These arrived Friday. I’ve been rather distracted in the interim…

Courtesy of Solaris Books, K.M. McKinley’s THE IRON SHIPS. Courtesy of Orbit Books, Lilith Saintcrow’s TRAILER PARK FAE.

I am glad for review copies

But I receive more than I can read. This makes me feel perpetually guilty.

Here's three.

Here’s three.

So courtesy of Solaris, that’s the Jonathan Strahan BEST SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY OF THE YEAR VOLUME NINE, and courtesy of and Tor Books, Wesley Chu’s TIME SALVAGER and Cindy Dees and Bill Flippin’s THE SLEEPING KING.

SHADOWBOXER by Tricia Sullivan: not a review

It’s a truism that not every book is for every reader. Shadowboxer is Tricia Sullivan’s latest novel and first foray into YA, out now from Solaris Books’ Rebellion imprint. And it’s not a book for me.

I may not have given it a fair enough shake. I kept picking it up, reading the first chapter, and wandering off. Eventually I managed to read to the end of the second chapter. But while it’s technically quite good, the protagonist and the voice aren’t anything I find encouraging to read: it turns out I have a very limited tolerance for cocky angry-violent protagonists with little apparent grasp of consequences.

I thought this was just the case with male protagonists, but nope. Turns out it’s true for female ones too. They just have to come across a touch cockier and angrier.

So this could be a good book, or not, but since I’m not being paid to finish it, I’m moving on.