Recently arrived review copies: Fisher and van Eekhout

This morning's review copies. I swear the postman must think I'm smuggling or something.

This morning’s review copies. I swear the postman must think I’m smuggling or something.

Sharon Lynn Fisher’s ECHO 8, and Greg van Eekhout’s excellent PACIFIC FIRE, courtesy of Tor Books.

Review copies since last we spoke

Tor Books’ publicity department has sent me unexpected bounty – half of which I already have in ARC, and at least one of which I have no desire to read at all. (Benford and Niven’s Shipstar.)

Supervised by an interested Vladimir...

Supervised by an interested Vladimir…

So that’s Elizabeth Bear’s excellent STELES OF THE SKY; Rjurik Davidson’s certainly-not-to-my-taste UNWRAPPED SKY; Melanie Rawn’s THORNLOST, third book in a series; Tom Doyle’s military fantasy AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN; Sharon Lynn Fisher’s science fiction romance THE OPHELIA PROPHECY; and Benford and Niven’s SHIPSTAR.