Assorted links for Friday

Strange Horizons is having their yearly fundraiser. They also have a Patreon account. Perhaps support them, for they are interesting and smart.

Politico says: “Beware Europe’s automotive-political complex.”

Catherine Lundoff has “Some thoughts about Tragic Queer Narratives.”

Aliette de Bodard has smart thoughts “On colonialism, evil empires, and oppressive systems.”

And the BBC reveals “The bitter story behind the UK’s national drink.”

Links of interest

At The Book Smugglers, Kate Elliott on COURT OF FIVES: Inspirations and Influences.

At, Caitlyn Paxson on Five Canadian Books to Look for in Fall 2015.

Two from Archaeology Magazine:

New Kingdom Mummies Re-Examined


Underwater Mesolithic Monolith Discovered in the Sicilian Channel.

At, again, Natalie Zutter on COURT OF FIVES and the Importance of Making Race Explicit in YA Fantasy.

At io9, Remains of “Warrior Princess” Found Buried Alongside Dagger and Sword.

At the Wellcome Library Blog, Monica H. Green on Speaking Of Trotula.

Two reviews from NPR:

Genevieve Valentine on A WOMAN IN ARABIA by Gertrude Bell,


Carmen Machado on PRODIGIES by Angélica Gorodischer.

And on BBC Radio 4, Late Night Women’s Hour: Reclaiming The Nerdverse, with Zen Cho, Naomi Alderman, Helen Lewis, Lucy Saxon, and Linda Woodhead.

Linky is cranky crank

Apparently deliberate practice is the best way to carry on. I shall henceforth fail to feel guilty for not working on my thesis more than four hours at a time.

Or strive to.

LGBTQ Characters: If They’re In My Life They Should Be In The Fiction I Read:

LGBTQ characters, protagonist or support cast, should be as common as the varied people in our lives. I don’t know about you, but any given week, I associate with, hang out with, deal with, talk with, laugh with, put up with, experience life with people who are gay, straight, bi-, brown, white, black, male, female, trans-, old, young, comfortably well off or strugglingly poor, and every mix and match possible. We are real people and we have real issues. Our lives are just as complicated as anyone else’s and just as ripe for storytelling as anyone’s.

Marie Brennan talks some more about writing epic fantasy.

Anita Sarkeesian has the first of the Tropes Vs. Women in Video-Games out.

And there’s an exhibition in the British Museum on In Search of Classical Greece.