Books in brief: books I didn’t finish.

K.M. McKinley, The Iron Ship. Solaris, 2015. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

A very leisurely epic fantasy, with a very long prologue that devotes a great deal of its energy to setting and none at all to character. The style annoyed me, and I found myself asking plaintively, aloud, “Why should I care about any of this?”

Post-prologue wasn’t a great deal of improvement, but it had already lost me in the prologue, really.

Sue Tingey, Marked. Jo Fletcher Books, 2015. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

This one seems like it’s supposed to be dark/urban fantasy, complete with ghosts and angel-demon figures. But it’s got that debut-novel lack of narrative confidence, and there doesn’t seem to be any logic behind the main character’s decisions beyond authorial fiat. Mind you, I didn’t get very far – a couple of chapters and some skimming of the middle to see if it improved. (Sexy angel-demon figures?) Not At All my cup of tea, there.