Recently arrived – but still unread – review copies

Recently arrived review copies.

Recently arrived review copies.

Peter Higgins’ Truth and Fear has, by me, the most striking cover, so I made sure it faced out. Left to right, top to bottom, that’s Truth and Fear, Gini Koch’s Alien Research, Diana Rowland’s Fury of the Demon, Seanan McGuire’s Half-Off Ragnarok, Michelle Sagara’s Touch, Irene Radford’s The Broken Dragon, Jo Walton’s My Real Children, Tina Connolly’s Copperhead, and C.S. Friedman’s Dreamwalker.

Everyone should read Justin Landon’s guest post at The Book Smugglers on gender parity and cover art:

My first call was legendary Tor Art Director, Irene Gallo. From September 2013 to August 2014 in the Tor hardcover and trade list, 90 titles had commissioned illustration (or photo-illustration). 7 were done by women., which does a tremendous amount of original illustration for its short fiction, uses female artists 21% of the time. My next stop was Lee Harris with Angry Robot who offered 5 female artists out of 26 titles in 2013, or roughly 25%. Lou Anders with Pyr indicated they worked with two female artists this year. Other publishers were contacted, but were unable to generate the data.

While my survey is hardly comprehensive or statistically significant, it raises some very disturbing patterns that demand further exploration.

Gallo offered the right question in our email exchange, “There are at least as many young women in art schools and workshops. Usually more, in fact. Why do so few remain ten years later?”