Genevieve Valentine’s PERSONA (Saga, 2015)

So my brain is broken right now, right, on account of me finishing a PhD thesis. For the last several weeks, I have barely been able to make myself read: for the last fortnight, I really haven’t.

Except for PERSONA. I looked at the first few pages of PERSONA and found I could not stop. This is an excellent book. It is, so far, the only book I have been able to read since my brain broke. It is the book that signifies to me my brain might not be permanently broken, and the malaise that afflicts my every thought of reading will pass, because once I started reading it I just kept going.

Good book. Excellent book. Very different to Valentine’s The Girls at the Kingfisher Club but just as easy to read. Recommend highly.

Brain broken. But maybe not forever.

Recently arrived review copies: Valentine and Liu

The last of the year?

The last of the year?

Most likely these are the last copies to arrive this year, and that’s a good note to end on: from Saga Press, an ARC of Genevieve Valentine’s PERSONA and a bound galley of Ken Liu’s THE GRACE OF KINGS.