SENSE8 links

Because I can, and because I care:

Foz Meadows, On Sex In Sense8:

…it’s not just the unprecedented primacy this show affords to queer sexuality, sensuality, love and romance as a narrative prerogative: it’s the fact that, instead of making that scene an excuse to have Sun and Riley and Kala join in, which is something we’ve seen a billionty times before in narrative – that is, (ostensibly) straight women being sexualised, whether in queer contexts or not, for the pleasure of a (presumably) straight male audience – we had a scenario where the (ostensibly) straight guys were all either experiencing (Capheus) or participating in (Will and Wolfgang) queer desire, in such a way as to make straight desire the subtext of a dominant queer sexuality in a way that I’ve literally never seen done before

Fade Manley, Things I Like: Sense8:

The trick is that this is a television series paced like a book. One of those brick fantasy novels with a cast of thousands, where it’s going to take half of the first book just to get people talking to each other. This doesn’t mean it’s slow! But it means you need to set your expectations differently. The episodes have some emotional arc, and often a big scene near the end, but they don’t have a big central plot per episode. The focus shifts as all these people deal with their individual problems and lives… and eventually, with each other’s problems and lives.