What Fresh Hell Lies Here?

Perhaps you’ll remember Rod Rees’ The Shadow Wars (The Demi-Monde: Spring in the UK) as one of the unexpected ARCs mentioned in my second-last post. Well, I started reading it for review, and tweeted a few egregiously awful quotes, and the (in)famous Requires Hate got in on the act…

The Storify of the Untethered Breasts:

“Odette gave a wiggle and was pleased to see that her untethered breast jiggled in a quite charming fashion.”

Someone passed on a link to the cover of the latest Kindle magazine: Rape In Wonderland.


Ronan Wills discusses Hounded by Kevin Hearne, and his view on the banality of urban fantasy.

Nerds of A Feather discusses grim/dark iterations in fantasy:

[W]hat’s the purpose of all the violence and cruelty in the art we consume, and specifically in fantasy fiction? When is it acceptable and when is it not?

A certain author turns up in the comments to defend his precious, as is becoming tediously de rigueur in his case, and diametrically opposed to the response of Joe Abercrombie to criticism as quoted in the post. (I have Important Thoughts, natch, on violence and fantasy, but they’ll keep.)

(No, really, they’ll have to keep. I’ve reached my procrastination limit for today.)

And! If you’ve made it this far, you deserve some reward. Stylist Turns Ancient Hair Debate On Its Head:

By day, Janet Stephens is a hairdresser at a Baltimore salon, trimming bobs and wispy bangs. By night she dwells in a different world. At home in her basement, with a mannequin head, she meticulously re-creates the hairstyles of ancient Rome and Greece.

Ms. Stephens is a hairdo archaeologist.

Her amateur scholarship is sticking a pin in the long-held assumptions among historians about the complicated, gravity-defying styles of ancient times. Basically, she has set out to prove that the ancients probably weren’t wearing wigs after all.

And a Dutch television show enlists two men to undergo simulated labour contractions:

And if that’s not all the news that’s fit to print, that’s as much as I have time for today…