Unfinished books: WEIRD SPACE: THE BABA YAGA by Eric Brown and Una McCormack

Eric Brown and Una McCormack, Weird Space: The Baba Yaga. Abaddon Books, 2015. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

The reason I didn’t finish this novel – a standalone, as far as I know, in a wider series – has very little to do with its quality and a lot to do with my present impatience and ill-humour. I wanted it to be a fun military space opera in which things blow up from the get-go. That’s… not really what the first fifty pages here are giving me: the main character is an intelligence analyst, and quite a bit of the opening section involves bureaucratic turf war and the breakup of a relationship. It’s well-written and well-done, and I might pick it up some other month to read to conclusion. But right now there’s something ridiculously off-putting about it.