Three review copies arrived this morning…

Three little books, see how they stand.

Three little books, see how they stand.

Elizabeth Haydon, THE MERCHANT EMPEROR, Deborah Coates, STRANGE COUNTRY, and the second volume of William H. Patterson Jr.’s biography of Robert A. Heinlein.

I have no intention of reading the Patterson: aside from the fact I haven’t read the first volume, I’m reliably informed that Patterson has done a terrible job of writing biography. If anyone should like this copy, if you’re willing to pay postage, I’ll send it to you. (About eight euro, I think, for international postage, unless Patterson’s brick is heavier than anything I’ve ever posted before.)

I have no intention of reading the Haydon either, because I read Rhapsody and lo, it was terrible – I was still in my “Finish every book you start” phase of readership, and I very nearly didn’t make it to the end. So same goes. Postage and I’ll send it on. First come, first served.

As for STRANGE COUNTRY: it’s a lovely book, the conclusion of Coates’ excellent debut rural fantasy series set in North Dakota. I recommend it highly, and I have already discussed it in a Sleeps With Monsters column this spring. It was the ARC I discussed, but this hardback is very shiny. You can’t have it. It’s MINE.