Review copies

I'm never going to get caught up on all my reading, am I?

I’m never going to get caught up on all my reading, am I?

So, courtesy of Tor Books, Peter Orullian’s THE UNREMEMBERED, Melanie Rawn’s WINDOW WALL, and Daryl Gregory’s HARRISON SQUARED. Courtesy of DAW Books, Margaret Fortune’s NOVA.


Brief books anecdote: remember those Carrie Bebris Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mysteries that showed up here last week? So I was reading the first one, halfway through. I put it down for a while, and my mother wanders past – “Oh, a new mystery series! You don’t mind if I borrow it?”

“I’m sort of in the middle of it…”

I go looking for the book later, only to discover that it has been abducted. And that, dear friends, is why I probably won’t be finishing it anytime soon…

Recently arrived review copies: Gregory, Gilman, Walton

Three today.

Three today.

From Titan Books, Daryl Gregory’s HARRISON SQUARED. From Tor Books, Jo Walton’s WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK SO GREAT and Carolyn Ives Gilman’s DARK ORBIT.

(I’m not sure whether to alphabetise the last as Gilman, Carolyn Ives, or Ives Gilman, Carolyn. The difficulties of an orderly mind.)

Recently arrived review copies

I came home from away to find a wee stack of review copies had arrived, courtesy of the nice people at Tor Books.

review copies 003

Kristen Simmons, THE GLASS ARROW; Rhiannon Frater, DEAD SPOTS; Daryl Gregory, HARRISON SQUARED; Brian Staveley, THE PROVIDENCE OF FIRE; and Ben Bova and Eric Choi’s edited collection, CARBIDE TIPPED PENS.