Counterproductive, and yet I must make a request.

There is a thing than has been annoying me for going on two years. It is undoubtedly counterproductive of me to discuss it, yet it has come to the point where I find it more than slightly irritating when it crosses the threshold of my attention.

I want to put the question to you, dear readers. Is it a) vaguely creepy, b) more than vaguely creepy, or c) not at all creepy when an author appears to hold a public grudge over mixed review,* and continues to refer to it (directly and indirectly) at intervals as much as three years later? But I should not ask.

The review in question was posted on in the summer of 2011. Most recently well-meaning *cough* people have drawn my attention to the fact the author still seems to be dwelling on it.

It is somewhat baffling to me, and I would like to request that well-meaning people in future not tell me these things.

*Admittedly, I did email the bloke when it happened (because people kept telling me and tweeting about I’d called him a misogynist) to point out that this was a rather hyperbolic interpretation of my words. I was a baby reviewer and did not yet know better than to let the narrative burn itself out and not to worry about people’s possible insulted feelings over exaggerated interpretations. Perhaps there is a lesson to be acquired from that.