Equal Marriage Referendum Links – YES YES YES

Claire Hennessy, Good Girls Vote Yes. Made me cry happytears. Read it.

I know it won’t make a difference. On the way out I pass by a white-haired lady with a cane, accompanied by an almost-bald man looking just about as decrepit, and my heart sinks. These are the people who grew up in the days when the church ruled everything. These are the people who wish the church still did.

“Won’t it be great if Martin and Tony can give us a day out after this,” the woman says to the man, and he clasps her hand.

I stand there, frozen.

Oh my God.

Consider the Tea Cosy, How Love Took On A Monster, And Won. *sniffle*

C.E. Murphy, Love Conquers All. *more sniffling*

Paul Anthony Short, We said Yes! But we’re not done yet. Money quote:

But we all know this isn’t the end. There are still other issues to be confronted, more battles to be fought. We need gender recognition. We need women to have control over their own bodies. We need to make sure that no-one can be fired from their job for being an LGBTQ person. We need to stop future campaigns from being fought using lies and scaremongering, as the No Campaign did.

Going to be crying happy tears for a week.