Catmonster supervises recently arrived review copies.

The belly is NOT a trap.

All mine now.

Courtesy of Tor Books: Jo Walton’s THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS, Wesley Chu’s TIME SALVAGER, Robert Brockway’s THE UNNOTICEABLES, Carrie Bebris’ THE SUSPICION AT SANDITON, and Jane Lindskold’s ARTEMIS INVADED.

What do you mean, I can’t have them back?


Review copies

I'm never going to get caught up on all my reading, am I?

I’m never going to get caught up on all my reading, am I?

So, courtesy of Tor Books, Peter Orullian’s THE UNREMEMBERED, Melanie Rawn’s WINDOW WALL, and Daryl Gregory’s HARRISON SQUARED. Courtesy of DAW Books, Margaret Fortune’s NOVA.


Brief books anecdote: remember those Carrie Bebris Mr. & Mrs. Darcy mysteries that showed up here last week? So I was reading the first one, halfway through. I put it down for a while, and my mother wanders past – “Oh, a new mystery series! You don’t mind if I borrow it?”

“I’m sort of in the middle of it…”

I go looking for the book later, only to discover that it has been abducted. And that, dear friends, is why I probably won’t be finishing it anytime soon…

Review copies!

Five from yesterday

Five from yesterday

Three from today

Three from today

So the nice folks at Tor are determined to convert me to Mr. and Mrs. Darcy FIGHT CRIME: that’s Carrie Bebris’s Pride and Prescience, Suspense and Sensibility, North by Northanger, The Intrigue at Highbury, The Matters at Mansfield, and The Deception at Lyme.

Courtesy of Gollancz, we have Al Robertson’s CRASHING HEAVEN, and courtesy of Night Shade Books, Ellen Datlow’s anthology of THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR.

Books. Lots. Eeep.