9 thoughts on “Sleeps With Monsters: Conversations Founded On False Assumptions

  1. I seem to have missed all the fun while I was at work. And I shouldn’t read comments, or want to rant at 1 am, but holy moly.

    So I’ll sleep and examine whether it’s worth banging my head against that brick wall in the morning.

  2. Oh, you should read comment #59. Perfect encapsulation of the thread. But it’s fascinating how much of it is people with male names or handles talking to each other, and not to women.

  3. I’m not touching that comment thread with a ten foot pole. But I thought you might be interested in this Goodreads survey on reading preferences, which shows that women typically read books by both men and women, but men usually only read books by men.


    I had an intellectual discussion with a friend of mine, who tried to take the position that this data shows that men are better writers. I think it shows that women are more used to male or female gaze POVs, whereas men are only used to male gaze.

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