Recently arrived review copies. Also, links.

Five! Five of them!

Five! Five of them! All at once!

Courtesy of Gollancz, we have here Edward Cox’s THE RELIC GUILD, Greg Bear’s WAR DOGS, Philip K. Dick’s HUMPTY-DUMPTY IN OAKLAND, Ellen Kushner’s THOMAS THE RHYMER, and John Gardner’s GRENDEL.

And have some links:

Practically Marzipan: Sarah Hall, THE WOLF BORDER.

SF Signal: Tansy Rayner Roberts: “Fantasy, Female Writers, and the Politics of Influence.”

Shakesville: The Evolution of Criticising A Male-Authored Comic As A Female Reviewer.

io9: Animated Data Visualisation of WWII Fatalities.

Carrie Fisher explains to a little boy what ‘bipolar’ means, at Indiana Comic Con 2015.

And here are some more Fury Road links.