Books in brief: Django Wexler’s THE MAD APPRENTICE

Django Wexler, The Mad Apprentice. Corgi, 2015. Copy courtesy of the publisher.

In addition to writing pretty decent epic fantasy, Wexler is also writing fun, engaging books for the 8-13 set. The Mad Apprentice is a sequel to last year’s really enjoyable The Forbidden Library. Alice, apprenticed to a Reader (an almost-immortal magician whose power comes in some peculiar way from books), is sent on a… I suppose it is a quest, along with the apprentices of her master’s allies. Their mission? To find and bring back an apprentice who seems to have killed his own master, and who is now hiding in that master’s stronghold. But the stronghold is a labyrinth, and within it Alice will discover several unpleasant truths.

And fight monsters.

It’s a lot of fun. Definitely worth the read.