Jim C. Hines’ UNBOUND (DAW, 2015)

I received this as an ARC from the publisher and read it a sufficient number of weeks ago that my memory of the details is rather fuzzy. It’s the third book in Hines’ Magic ex Libris series, sequel to Codex Born, and the general level of peril has ramped right up.

Isaac Vainio has lost his magic and most of his connections, but he’s still determined to fight the good fight. There’s some decent treatment of Isaac being depressed in this book, and more exploration of his interesting poly relationship with Lena Greenwood and Nidhi Shah. Mostly it is fun stuff and explosions.

Lots of fun stuff. I remember this book made me happy, and when I was reading it, that was very important to me. Well, it still is, but less urgently so.

I like Hines’ work, generally. This book I’m not sure I like enough to pay hardcover prices for, but I would definitely lay out for the paperback if I didn’t have this ARC.

This is not a review. It’s more of a ramble. Nice book. *pets*

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