Recently arrived review copies: Alex Marshall and Anna Sheehan

Two this time.

Two this time.

Anna Sheehan, NO LIFE BUT THIS, from Gollancz. A sequel, and I haven’t read (nor do I possess) the first book: anyone know anything about it?

And Alex Marshall, A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER, from Orbit. A debut novel, and one which comes to me with more than the usual recommendations from editor- and publicist-type people, so I’ll be interested to see what it’s like.

One thought on “Recently arrived review copies: Alex Marshall and Anna Sheehan

  1. Sheehan’s first book, A Long Long Sleep, was surprisingly good, actually. A kind of sci-fi Sleeping Beauty remix, with a main character that seemed very annoying and pathetic for the first part of the story, until more and more of her history/upbringing is revealed and you realise she’s not actually weak at all. Blessedly little romance and I loved the relationships between all the characters and how they were resolved. Be prepared to hate the mc’s parents, though.

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