That’s how the light gets in

So yesterday evening I was invited to a book launch for this book:

Ruth Frances Long's A CRACK IN EVERYTHING.

Ruth Frances Long’s A CRACK IN EVERYTHING.

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING, by Ruth Frances Long, at The Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar. I went, because I’d met Ruth at LonCon and she seemed like good people. And I was curious: the only book launch I’d ever been to before was for an academic book, at which there was much tedious speechifying and no copies of the book for interested parties to acquire. (I think they rather missed the point of a launch, there.)

I came home with the book, because there were cupcakes. (Delicious cupcakes.) And an interesting first chapter. Although it is entirely possible that I was primarily seduced by the cupcakes. Make of this what you will!

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