Book Acquistions While On Holiday

At Nine Worlds, freebie:

Gwenda Bond, The Woken Gods, Strange Chemistry.

At Nine Worlds, from Roz Kaveney, review copy:

Roz Kaveney, Resurrections, Plus One Press.

In Cambridge, from Kari Sperring:

Sharon Penman, The Sunne in Splendour, Pan.

At LonCon3, library freebie:

Kate Wilhelm, SF Gateway Gollancz Omnibus.
Frank Herbert, SF Gateway Gollancz Omnibus.
Alastair Reynolds, Blue Remembered Earth, Gollancz.
George R.R. Martin, The Armageddon Rag, Gollancz.

At LonCon3, from Ibraheem Abbas and Yasser Bahjatt:

HWJN, by the above.

At LonCon3, purchased in the Dealers’ Room:

Tansy Rayner Roberts, Love and Romanpunk, Twelfth Planet Press.
Tansy Rayner Roberts, Ink Black Magic, Fablecroft.
Alisa Krasnostein and Julia Rios, eds, Kaleidoscope, Twelfth Planet Press.
Ariane “Tex” Thompson, One Night In Sixes, Solaris.
Pat Murphy, The Falling Woman, Gollancz.
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad, Gollancz – the shiny new hardback one.
Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies, Gollancz – also the shiny new hardback one.

Yep. That’s why I had a hard time getting my suitcase to close.

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