Steven Brust’s HAWK: not a review

If it were a review, this post would be longer.

Steven Brust, Hawk. Tor, 2014.
ARC received courtesy of the publisher.

I don’t find myself with a lot to say about Hawk, the latest in Steven Brust’s long-running Vlad Taltos series. It would be a terrible place for a new reader to start: it relies on our understanding of events in the life of Vlad to date to work. This book is basically Vlad runs a caper in order to get the Jhereg off his back so he can stay in the city.

Except it doesn’t work out entirely smoothly.

It’s a slick, pacey novel, but one that lacks the vividness and innovation of many of Brust’s earlier Vlad books. It’s an entertaining caper, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not going to stick with me – and I doubt I’ll end up re-reading it very often, unlike Orca or Issola or Dragon. Because a caper is only as interesting as its moving parts, and since Vlad is pulling this one off alone, the moving parts aren’t particularly compelling.

Anyway. Fun read. Not very chewy. Perfect for a dull day or a gloomy state of mind.