Today the postpeople brought more review copies

Four more books

Four more books

That’s Ilona Andrews’ MAGIC BREAKS (Ace), William C. Dietz LEGION OF THE DAMNED and ANDROMEDA’S CHOICE (Titan), and Samit Basu’s RESISTANCE (Titan).

Dear heaven, I am so far behind in everything. It’s not even funny.

5 thoughts on “Today the postpeople brought more review copies

  1. Where do you get review copies, if you don’t mind me asking – just wondering if there are some resources that I, as a book review nerd, could turn to

  2. In many cases, I asked the publicity people via their publically-available email addresses, and gave them a good idea of who I was and where (or whether) I’d be talking about their books. Mind you, MAGIC BREAKS came to me from on assignment – a lot of books come that way, too.

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