Review copies since last we spoke

Tor Books’ publicity department has sent me unexpected bounty – half of which I already have in ARC, and at least one of which I have no desire to read at all. (Benford and Niven’s Shipstar.)

Supervised by an interested Vladimir...

Supervised by an interested Vladimir…

So that’s Elizabeth Bear’s excellent STELES OF THE SKY; Rjurik Davidson’s certainly-not-to-my-taste UNWRAPPED SKY; Melanie Rawn’s THORNLOST, third book in a series; Tom Doyle’s military fantasy AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN; Sharon Lynn Fisher’s science fiction romance THE OPHELIA PROPHECY; and Benford and Niven’s SHIPSTAR.

6 thoughts on “Review copies since last we spoke

  1. But I named him in the caption! One Vladimir, also known as Vladya, Vladicat, Vlad the Impaler, Fuzzy-paws, and Stank-breath. *g*

  2. Uh oh, why no want to read the Benford/Niven? I was thinking about diving headfirst into the Ringworld universe soonish, but maybe that’s not the best idea ever?

  3. I has a curious about Unwrapped Sky. The author belongs to the same Melbourne writing/crit group I do, and I remember he subbed something to it once which, from memory, was set in the same world. I had… issues with it, mildly. But there were aspects of the world I liked. And it was a while ago, so I’ll be interested to see what he’s done with it all since then.

  4. I reviewed it for ages back. I had… well, Major Issues with it, to put it equally mildly. (I’ve no idea why the publicity folks sent me a finished copy at this late stage, but hey, free books, no complaints. The local charity shop gets a lot of ARCs from me. *g*)

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