Library books

Are you interested in what I’m reading that’s not for fun over the next two days?

Let's celebrate the anthropologists...

Let’s celebrate the anthropologists…

That’s Burang’s Tibetan Art of Healing, Kapferer’s A Celebration of Demons, Kapferer’s edited volume Beyond Rationalism, Hobart and Kapferer (ed.s), Aesthetics in Performance, and Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf’s edited Contributions to The Anthropology of Nepal.

Yes, I’m an ancient historian in research interests. Why am I reading modern anthropology of Nepal?


4 thoughts on “Library books

  1. Honestly, a lot of those look interesting to me. But a lot of things look more interesting when I can read them at my leisure, rather than needing to get them read in time for doing a thing.

  2. The reasons are the same ones that caused me to read a ton of modern anthro while writing a diss on Venetian Renaissance painting. They are good reasons.

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