Review copies demand attention

The review copies accumulate... and I'm only partway through reading the most urgent ones.

The review copies accumulate… and I’m only partway through reading the most urgent ones.

In no particular order: Marie Rutkowski, THE WINNER’S CURSE; Heather Rose Jones, DAUGHTER OF MYSTERY; Brian Stavely, THE EMPEROR’S BLADES; Ramona Wheeler, THREE PRINCES; Rjurik Davidson, UNWRAPPED SKY; Carrie Vaughn, DREAMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE; Tom Doyle, AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN; Carrie Vaughn, AFTER THE GOLDEN AGE; Jo Walton, MY REAL CHILDREN; Will McIntosh, DEFENDERS; Kristen Painter, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN; Deborah Coates, STRANGE COUNTRY; Miles Cameron (though we’d probably better call him “AKA Christian Cameron” from now on), FELL SWORD; Elizabeth Bear, STELES OF THE SKY; Katherine Addison (AKA Sarah Monette), THE GOBLIN EMPEROR; Seanan McGuire, HALF-OFF RAGNAROK; Sharon Lynn Fisher, THE OPHELIA PROPHECY; Seanan McGuire, SPARROW HILL ROAD; and last, most recently arrived but by no means least, Nnedi Okorafor, LAGOON.

I really need to read faster, because I have shelves full of other books I’d hoped to have a chance to get to by now.

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