Links of interest, with some commentary

From Boing Boing, “Booth babes are bad for business”:

The results were clear for Chen: the “grandmas” generated far more sales-leads and conversions than the “babes.”

Let’s just take a minute to point out the …inappropriate… nature of referring to all women older than their early twenties and not dressed as sex muppets as grandmas, and placing them in opposition to babes. Not only is “grandma” a term referring to one’s familial/reproductive status, rather than one’s age as such, but this opposition implies that grandma can never be a socially-acceptable object of desire.

And Foz Meadows is on top form yet again, with “Seeming Female: Gender in Digital Spaces”:

Which opened up a rather breathtaking possibility: what if the respective myths of the Fake Geek Girl and Fake Gamer Girl are actively being perpetuated, not through the whore-user predations of evil ladies, but because a cynical, sexist subset of male geeks are using stereotypical, strawman portrayals of women to manipulate their peers?

I encourage you all to go and read the whole thing.