SFF/Classics Conference, Liverpool, Part XIII of XIII

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This is the thirteenth part of a multi-part conference write-up.

This is Monday afternoon and my notes are shaky things.

Final session! Given a choice between My Little Pony and “Screen and media,” I picked “Screen and media,” because I heard that one of the papers would speak about Dragon Age. This session was chaired by Edith Hall, and featured papers by Jarrid K. Looney (Royal Holloway, London) joining by Skype, and Daniel Goad (Royal Holloway, London), present in the flesh.

…My notes are crap. Hell. Okay. Well, Looney’s paper, “‘There is both the god in man, which reaches for fire and stars, and that black dark streak which steals the fire to make chains’: The Dual Identity of Prometheus in Modern Media Culture,” despite the amusing vagaries of technology, proved an energetic and interesting paper.

(Notable moments: Skype cut out while Looney was saying, “Space, the final front-“.)

Seriously, my notes for this session are terrible. Okay, Daniel Goad’s paper, “A Tale of Two Empires: Ancient Rome as a Model for Two Fantasy Empires,” was up next. Goad was a good speaker, and his paper dealt with Roman influences on Star Trek‘s Romulans and Dragon Age‘s Tevinter Imperium. While I enjoyed it, I found it more shallow and surface-y than really satisfactory.

Sigh. Poor, poor notes. Oh, well. After three full days of detailed note-taking, I suspect it’s a bit much to expect my hands and brain to co-ordinate well in the last hours.

Tony Keen wrapped up the conference, saying that there would be some some of publication of “Select Proceedings,” since with over 60 papers they could not publish all of them. He said that there was a 2012 French conference on a similar topic, that there were volumes forthcoming from a number of people, that London WorldCon would have an academic track, for which the CFP closing date was December 1.

After the conference, retired to the Phil with a bunch of other people. Where I, embarrassingly enough, didn’t here Nick Lowe compliment my paper and had to ask someone to explain. At which point Liz Gloyn told me, DI-esque, “Bask in the praise! Bask!”

Some wonderful people there. Much wonderful conversations. I am overjoyed, and privileged, to have gone, and I hope similar things happen in future.