The morning after, Mr Earbrass was conscious but very little more.

The conference is over. This conference, that is, and a very interesting conference it was, indeed.

I will blog about it, as promised. But for today, while my brains are in the process of growing back from the onslaught of shiny interesting new people and thoughts, I think I’ll just round up the links my tabs have accumulated from a weekend with very little chance to participate in the internet.

Via Jim C. Hines, Elise Matthesen gives the low-down on how to report sexual harassment.

STAY SAFE: You get to choose what to do, because you’re the only one who knows your situation and what risks you will and won’t take. If not reporting is what you need to do, that’s what you get to do, and if anybody gives you trouble about making that choice to stay safe, you can sic me on them.

Leah Bobet on Science Fiction. Sexual Harassment. Missing Stairs.

I tire of our collective cowardice. A community that does not have your back is no damn community at all.

Maria Dahvana Headley with But He Didn’t Know He Was Hijacking Your Ship:

And if you question how bad it would have to be to make me feel upset? Know that I used to be a pirate negotiator in the maritime industry.

The pirates in the maritime industry were generally a great deal more polite than the creeps in the SFF world. They stuck to terms.

In the SFF world, the nasty that happens is as follows: ‘He was confused,’ rather than “HE JUST TRIED TO HIJACK YOUR SHIP.’

But I’m here to tell you, people have regularly tried to hijack my ship, and then protested that my real problem was a bad ship and bad weather, rather than dudes trying to board me.

Tansy Rayner Roberts on Sexual Harassment at SF Conventions:

Are we actually making progress here? Or have I just filtered my internet too completely?

…I also think that Amal El-Mohtar (@tithenai) tweeted a very important message in relationship to the subject:

“If this summer seems relentless where talk of harrassment in SF is concerned? Recognize that’s because it IS relentless.”

Natalie at Radish Reviews with Harassment and the Back Channel:

I am so very tired of hearing stories about how things were back in the good old days. When convention organizers were procuring asses for Isaac Asimov to pinch and women were leaving conventions because their shapely bottoms were patted while out in public. When Randall Garrett felt that it was appropriate to greet women with “I’m Randall Garrett. Let’s fuck.” Hell, as recently as 2006, Harlan Ellison felt that grabbing Connie Willis’s breast onstage at the Hugo Awards was an okay thing to do (this goes to the video, may be upsetting to watch if you haven’t seen it before, edited to fix date per comment). But hey, why can’t we all just get along? (screencap of Google cache, comments missing) Why so negative?

Reports are shining a light on the inner workings of some of SFWA’s older racists, with Speculative Friction publishing screencaps.

“Black ghetto characters” are appropriate for Steven Barnes, says Jerry Pournelle.