Sleeps With Monsters: Martha Wells’ The Wizard Hunters

New column post up at Sleeps With Monsters: Martha Wells’ The Wizard Hunters:

I’ll tell you three things I love about The Wizard Hunters. I love that Wells’ Ile-Rien has changed since The Element of Fire: it’s not technologically static, and now there are automatic firearms and motor vehicles and airships, and the atmosphere of wartime Vienne feels analogous to WWII Europe, with blackout curtains and telephones and rationing and periodicals having ceased production. I love Tremaine, and how she’s unsure of herself and bloody-minded all at once. I love the deft characterisation of other characters, like Florian and Ilias and Gil. I love how all the cool shit comes together, cleverly, with meaning.

Wait, that’s four things. Oh, well. I could keep going, but that’ll do for now.