Linky has been wandering around the Pitt Rivers Museum

Shrunken heads are amazeballs, people. The Pitt Rivers is like an incredible bazaar of LOTS AND LOTS of random COOL SHIT. And so is having an argument about C.S. Lewis’s theology in the Eagle and Child.

I’m namechecked in the same incoherent rant as John Scalzi:

I will say by the end of it you may come to realize, as I did, that the essay says far less about me than it does about the author. Bless his heart.

The incoherent rant in question is here. I think this is the same person as a person who was verbally offensive/abusive in comments to one of the posts and moderated in consequence.

Dr. Jen Gunter, Expert in Savita inquiry confirms Irish women get lower standard of care with chorioamnionitis:

As the inquest into Savita Halappanavar’s death continues we have heard about delays and errors, all of which most likely contributed to her terrible outcome. However, along the way those who have tried to pass off her death as medical negligence and nothing to do with Irish law or Catholic ethos have rested on the assertion that she wasn’t sick enough to need a termination.

…Dr. Knowles’ testimony confirms for me that the law played a role, because her statements indicate the standard of care for treatment of chorioamnionitis is less aggressive in Ireland. This can only be because of the law as there is no medical evidence to support delaying delivery when chorioamnionitis is diagnosed. Standard of care is not to wait until a woman is sick enough to need a termination, the idea is to treat her, you know, before she gets sick enough. An elevated white count and ruptured membranes at 17 weeks is typically enough to make the diagnosis, so Dr. Knowles needs to testify as to what in Savita’s medical record made it safe to not recommend a delivery.

By the way, I also disagree with Dr. Knowles about her interpretation of Savita’s medical record, the chart doesn’t have “subtle indicators” of infection, it screams chorioamnionitis long before Wednesday morning.

In North America the standard of care with chorioamnionitis is to recommend delivery as soon as the diagnosis is made, not wait until women enter the antechamber of death in the hopes that we can somehow snatch them back from the brink.

If Irish law, or the interpretation thereof, had nothing to do with Savita’s death no expert would be mentioning sick enough at all.

secritcrush sums up Scalzi’s Redshirts:

Redshirts is star trek parody with a big pile of “characters confront the author” meta. After you’ve explored the thirty seconds of hilarity that is people dying for no reason, what’s left on the humor plate?

2 thoughts on “Linky has been wandering around the Pitt Rivers Museum

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, it’s fantastically thought-provoking and challenging in all the right ways but haven’t commented because I am in no way informed or smart enough to engage properly with even a fraction of the stuff you put up.

    I can however wholeheartedly agree that the Pitt Rivers is chock-full of, as you say, lots and lots of cool shit. Do they still have the stuff in drawers? It’s like they have so much fun stuff they know there’s no hope of getting it all on display properly, but they’ll be damned if the won’t make it accessible somehow or other.

  2. Stuff in drawers WRAPPED IN BUBBLE WRAP. It’s fan-fricking-tastic.

    (Also, hey, listen, I am just a person who collects links and occasionally has opinions. Engaging properly is for other people, most of the time…)

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