Linky is suffering the effects of disturbing the sleeping cat

Motto of the morning: let sleeping cats lie, even if they are on your laundry. Ouch.

I missed Locus Magazine’s tasteless April Fools post about Wiscon and burqas, but here’s some follow-up:

File 770, April Fails Day.

James Davis Nicoll, Locus apologises.

Aidan Moher has Thoughts On the 2013 Hugo Nominations.

And from Archaeology Magazine, news of the discovery of Pluto’s Gate:

STANBUL, TURKEY—Francesco D’Andria of the University of Salento announced that he has unearthed the structures of Pluto’s Gate, known as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman tradition, at the World Heritage site of Hierapolis in southwest Turkey. The remains of a temple, a pool, and a series of steps above a cave that emits poisonous gases were found, in addition to an inscription with a dedication to Pluto… and Kore.

More details at Discovery News.