Speculative Fiction 2012

Justin Landon and Jared Shurin are editing a volume of “The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary 2012”.

The list of contributors has been revealed, and yours truly is among them. Ten days ago, Shurin emailed me to solicit my contribution: the review from January 2012 that kickstarted my career (such as it is) as an internet crank.

Cranky person. Whichever.

For on January 13, 2012, Strange Horizons published Theft of Swords, by Michael J. Sullivan, reviewed by Liz Bourke” – a review which has, I believe, broken the all-time Strange Horizons record for the number of comments it attracted.

(Not everyone gets to experience two shitstorms in one week, as I did that January – the second time four days later at Tor.com, for “Admirals and Amazons: Women in Military Science Fiction” – but since it’s probably at least in part responsible for opening up some opportunities for me, I can’t really complain.)

It’s an honour to be included among the “Best” of 2012, and I wish Landon and Shurin, and next year’s editorial team, Thea James and Ana Grilo, the best of luck.

5 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction 2012

  1. The comments on that review fill me with awe. So much tone argument, so little time.

    I still haven’t come up with a theory for what a knight of “archaic dimensions” could mean.

  2. @oakdilettante:

    Thank you.


    It was such fun! A baptism by fire… For certain definitions of the word “fun”.

    If you develop a theory, please do share it.

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